Gunmetal Grey Safety Razor

The Perfect Razor – Longer, Less Handling, Easy Loading

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The Ultimate Butterfly Safety Razor is tall, lanky, well built, & is perfect for just about anyone! It is on the milder side, perfect for those with sensitive skin or who are prone to rash or razor burn.


  • Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor
  • Set of 5 blades
  • 100% cotton carry bag

Available in: Gunmetal Grey

  • The Ultimate Butterfly Safety Razor is just less than 13cm in length & weighs in at 89 grams. It will use its weight to get rid of stubborn leg & face stubble, its long length is great for reaching the bottom of long legs or for large hands. It has a durable hard rose gold finish & will last you many years if taken care of & used sensibly. All you need to do is change the blades as necessary. The blades can be found in any store or garage (for as little as R10-20)!
How to Use?
  • This razor has doors that open when you turn the dial at the bottom that enables easier loading & less handling of the blade.
  • Twist the dial at the bottom of your razor until the butterfly doors are open. Pop in the blade & close, then it is ready to be used! So easy!
  • Clean it with an old toothbrush, water & soap from time to time to avoid the buildup of detergents & ensure smooth action.
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Product of India. 

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Gunmetal Grey, Rose Gold