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Excludes brush. Options for men & women

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Enjoy a smoother & softer shave with this natural goat’s milk shaving soap & brush. This tin will last you the same length as about 5 cans of shaving cream!

*Note: This item excludes the brush and only consist of a shaving soap.

Available in 4 different scents:
  • Vanilla Patchouli – earthy vanilla, slightly sweet, slightly masculine. Perfect for both women & men.
  • Spicy Bay Rum – hints of cinnamon & other warm spices, it reminds me of a more masculine gluhwein. Perfect for both women & men.
  • Bergamot, Lime & Lemongrass – a rich, but also a subtle scent, of exactly what it is – Bergamot, Lime & Lemongrass. Perfect for both women & men.
  • Bergamot, Palmarosa & Ylang Ylang – a warm, subtle, floral scent. More suited to women.
Key Ingredients – Goats Milk Shaving Soap:
  • Bentonite Clay: natural detoxifier, increases lather in soap.
  • Shea Butter: protects against skin dryness & accelerates the healing of superficial wounds & irritations. It has a slight photo-protective action & is rich in unsaturated fatty acids & Vitamin E.
  • Ingredients: Raw Goat’s Milk, Saponified Vegetable Oils (Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter), Stearic Acid (derived from coconuts), Bentonite Clay, Essential Oils.
  • Hold your shaving brush under hot water then shake gently to drain excess water. Rub the top of the shaving soap with the tips of the bristles to develop a lather in the tin. To develop your lather even further we suggest using a larger bowl.
  • Rub the brush in a circular motion over the area you want to shave, moving the brush in circles will force the lather into your pores so you get a better shave. Start with your neck and move up your face then shave the way you normally do with one of our beautiful safety razors. Re-lather if any areas need to be shaved a second time. Rinse all of the soap out of your brush when finished shaving.
  • Alternatively, if shaving your legs, remove the soap from the tin & lather over your legs as you would usually. 

*The brush bristles are unfortunately not biodegradable & should be placed in your recycling once you would like to discard of your brush (that should not happen any time soon, as these brushes are designed to last you a lifetime if cared for well).

Proudly made in South Africa. 

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Bergamot, Lime & Lemongrass, Bergamot, Palmarosa & Ylang Ylang, Spicy Bay Rum, Vanilla Patchouli