Pine Soap Stand

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Pine Soap Stand

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A beautiful wooden soap stand made from light pine wood treated with natural olive oil.

With this pine soap stand, when you go to wash your hands at your bathroom or kitchen sink, you won’t need to consider the soggy, cracked & misshapen soap. Gone will be your problems with soap dishes, which are really just saucers in disguise! An item you rub in, on & around your hands every day should not be sitting in dirty water since you last used it. Enter the soap stand, an ingenious little design that actually allows your soaps to drain properly.

Why soap stands are the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom, they:

  • give your soap bars a longer life span & thus more usage!
  • prevent your soap bars from ‘melting’ & leaving soap gunk on any of your surfaces!
  • keep your soap hygienic.
  • are easy to clean.

To care for this soap stand, we recommend keeping the wood hydrated by coating it with natural oil (preferably olive) & allowing it to drip dry every second month or so.

Keep your stand in a dry area in your bath or shower.

Proudly made in South Africa. 

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Dimensions 9 × 8 × 2.5 cm