Pearwood Comb

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Durable & Anti-static

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This Natural Life Pearwood comb is made from sustainably-sourced, FSC approved Pearwood.

A pearwood comb is dense & hard, yet still porous enough to soak in your natural hair oils & distribute them evenly throughout your hair.

This pearwood comb has all the advantages that plastic & metal combs do not. The smooth finish of the wood makes this comb an effective detangler. The harder & denser the kind of wood, the less likely you are to experience static with your wooden comb. The hardwood also ensures that your comb is very durable.

This pearwood comb will do a great job massaging your scalp, which naturally stimulates hair growth & healthy oil production. A wooden comb is also porous, meaning that it can evenly distribute the oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair. This will leave your hair with a healthy shine.

At the end of this combs life, it poses no danger to nature & can return to the earth from which it has come. The way in which the wood is treated is also non-toxic & is 100% safe for you & the environment.

Always be sure to comb your hair in sections to prevent breakage.

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