Multipurpose Brush

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A diverse brush with natural sisal & palm fibre bristles

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This Natural Life multipurpose brush has natural sisal (medium) & palm fibre (hard) bristles on a natural bamboo handle. The differing bristle strengths with their strong handle make this brush extremely diverse!

The most common suggested uses for this brush include:

  • Washing, scrubbing & cleaning of homegrown or store brought fruit & vegetables
  • Scrubbing floors, kitchens & bathrooms
  • Washing & scrubbing pots & pans
  • Scrubbing your feet

Let us know on instagram if you get creative & find new uses for your brush – @rethink_redesign

This multipurpose brush is made from FSC approved Bamboo which is naturally anti-microbial. The high-quality sisal & palm fibre bristles make this brush very strong & durable. Being all-natural makes it the perfect partner to your zero-waste journey for whatever you choose to do with it!

We suggest you pick just one use & stick to what you have decided for very obvious hygiene reasons. We recommend air drying the brush by either hanging it up on its attached string or resting it with the bristles facing down. This will prevent the brush from sitting in water & growing bacteria, thus it will prolong your brushes life.

Product of the PRC. 

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