Kids Bamboo Toothbrush

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Available with Pink & Purple or Blue & Green bristles

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The kids bamboo toothbrush comes packaged in biodegradable cardboard & a 100% home compostable sleeve.

Made from a sustainably grown MOSO bamboo, the handle of the toothbrush is naturally anti-microbial & biodegradable.

Because they are biodegradable, the kids bamboo toothbrush will not pose any threat to the environment when reaching the end of its lifecycle & your kiddo need a new one. When you said you wanted them to ‘make their mark on the world’… We are sure you did not mean ‘by leaving plastic all over it that will take 100s of years to break down.’

Available with Pink & Purple or Blue & Green bristles, these toothbrushes:

  • have BPA-free bristles
  • are eco-friendly & have less plastic than that of any other disposal toothbrushes
  • have biodegradable handles
  • are soft, smooth & wear-resistant
  • are hygienic
  • come in zero-waste packaging
  • are lightweight & designed for comfortable use (smaller head to reach back of the mouth)

Made from high-quality nylon, the bristles provide flexibility & durability leaving your little one’s teeth sparkling. The toothbrush bristles are, unfortunately, not biodegradable. Currently, there are no 100% biodegradable bristle options available in SA (but soon we hope) so your bristles will need to be removed, we recommend using pliers, & put in your recycling.

There are many ways to use the handle of your bamboo toothbrush too before putting it in the compost. Like maybe using it as a herb or veggie garden marker or label, tag us @rethink_redesign if you get creative!

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Bristle Colour

Blue & Green, Pink & Purple