Cotton Face Rounds & Carry Bag

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4 x organic cotton rounds

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A set of 4 organic cotton face rounds are the perfect addition to your zero-waste skincare routine. These beauties come in a little Rethink carry bag!

Traditional cotton rounds or cotton wool is full of bleach & chemicals. This not only makes them extremely detrimental to the environment as they are chemical-ridden & do not biodegrade, but it also makes them very questionable to put all over our skin! & if you aren’t sure already – to top it all off, these cotton face rounds also work out to be more cost-effective as they are reusable & just require washing after each use.

Each set of face rounds includes 4 of our organic cotton rounds & a beautiful carry bag.

The organic cotton facial rounds are extremely soft & gentle on your skin making them great for toners & cleansing.

These face rounds are crocheted with love by lovely ladies living in KZN & are about 8cm in diameter.

Pop them in with your washing when needed, & dry flat to ensure they do not warp or stretch. We recommend rinsing them well or washing them after each use.

Proudly made in South Africa. 

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add a cotton carry bag, without a cotton carry bag