About Us


Welcome to our Rethink Family! We are still pretty new, and here is so much ‘about us’ that we are still to figure out, but there are 3 things we know for sure:

  1. We want to make a difference.
  2. We LOVE the earth and nature. A breath of fresh air, the smell of the rain, feel the sun on your face, a warm breeze… no one and nothing else can give you those except this earth. Damn, it’s an unimaginable place.
  3. We’ve recently realised how very little we need to live a really fulfilling life and as cliche as ever. Less. Is. More.

Although this is an ‘About Us’ page, this is more about US!

It’s about YOU, us and this space, Rethink Redesign. We see the “R’s” EVERYWHERE; reduce, reuse, recycle, renew, repurpose, refuse, repair, rot…

Seeing these words makes us feel like the world is skipping grade 1 and going straight to High-School in Sustainable Living Choices. Before we automatically jump to all those “R’s”, let’s just stop, RETHINK and REDESIGN. Rethink what we are currently doing, using, purchasing and then redesign our minds to build different habits and make better purchases. Where the latter is this is not an option, we strive to redesign existing products into sustainable alternatives.

This space is grade 1, your ‘Beginners Guide to Less-Waste and Minimalist Living’. It is the space where sustainable options to replace your everyday items are easily accessible, educated and much less daunting. We hope to build a community of like-minded people on the same journey, emphasising all you need to make a difference is a choice.

OUR journey to ‘less’, let’s share, learn and grow together. xx







Why We Are Unique

We are old school, taking it back to a time when consumerism had not yet got its hold on us and mass production was only a nightmare of the future.

Old school means many different things to many different people. Here it means made with a purpose. It means quality, authenticity and class. It also means made locally, we are going so far back, we are going to a time pre ‘Made in China’ and ‘Global Shipping’.

Our product offerings are either designed to last you a lifetime or designed in a way that makes refills simple, quick and accessible. We are:

  • Honest, passionate and earthly.
  • Simple, local and sustainable.
  • Rethinking and redesigning.
  • The future.

Why We Do What We Do

There are many reasons we do what we do, here are some of them to get you thinking…

  • It is rewarding – being kind to the earth & others is cool
  • For ourselves – natural & chemical free
  • For future generations
  • Because every single piece of plastic ever made still exists
  • Because it is easy – maybe not yet, but it will be soon!