Rethink Redesign is 100% zero-waste and plastic-free with all our products and in our packaging. But we always want to go the extra step and we always choose PLANET OVER PROFIT!

So in addition to our amazing products and packaging being waste-free, we have also partnered with a fantastic brand called Mielie Mailer.

Mielie Mailers provide the perfect alternative to plastic courier bags. Their mission is much like ours:

to use nature to help save the world — & create a better now & future!

Mielie Mailers are made from natural ingredients including spoilt corn which would have otherwise contributed to food waste. Their natural ingredient usage also means that they use less energy in manufacturing, paired with less CO2 emissions and fewer chemicals!

Mielie Mailer believes in the power of trees to transform and regenerate broken ecosystems. So they collect datasets from their eCommerce and delivery partners to create accurate delivery parameters based on vehicle type and distance travelled. They then do calculations to establish the carbon emissions of their partnered eCommerce stores deliveries and make the appropriate offset (double the calculated emissions). These calculations decipher how many trees their partners Tree-Nation need to be planted in order to neutralise and account for all the carbon emissions created by deliveries. AMAZING, I know!

The planted trees provide even more benefits to the surrounding communities, including providing homes for surrounding wildlife, helping topsoil erosion and they provide essential resources for the local people.

Once composted, Mielie mailers disappear in as little as 3-months. They turn into C02, H20 and nutrient-rich humus (organic matter) only. A no plastic and no toxin guarantee. Their package has a lot of great info on it, so you will be able to read up on them off your parcel when you receive it!

In conjunction with our products, packaging and Mielie Mailers, we take the last step in ensuring all our couriers are sent via ‘Eco’ service. This means that we send your parcel out during times when there is the least traffic on the roads, and they often are on the road through the night to ensure the trip is the most eco-effective in terms of fuel efficiency and traffic!

If you have any more suggestions on how we can be even better please do get in touch with us! Subscribe if you would like to receive emails on our swops, innovation & change & how to ‘less’! 

Let’s continue to learn & grow together, rethink our choices & redesign the future. 

Robbie x